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Coppinger Row is a Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of the the most thriving part of the city center.We are nestled in the pedestrian lane off SouthWilliam Street named Coppinger Row in close proximity to landmark locations such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College and Grafton St - Dublin's most famous shopping thoroughfare. Coppinger Row produces the best quality, simply prepared Mediterranean food at the right price in a space that is relaxed, vibrant and fun. Our cocktails are in keeping with this and are a perfect way to start or finish your evening out.


We only book for parties of 6 or more. If you are less than 6 its a first come - first served walk in basis. We have a bar that you can wait at busy periods.  For bookings please mail info@coppingerrow.com






"Just occasionally I get handed a dish that's truly memorable, and my starter was one of those. It really was one of the best sea food starters I've eaten; the crab and the crayfish were fresh, the flavours of lime and the aioli that bound it together were perfect.

While I was eating it I was thinking that it was very large for a starter portion and only later I discovered it was a main course, but did I care? It was so good that I ate all in no time."

Paolo Tullio, Taste of Ireland.



There should be nothing unusual in seeing pigs digging for roots in the open fields, unhappily this is a rare occurrence with the majority of pigs today farmed intensively. McCarthys will only sell nitrate-free pork products produced from free-range pigs locally, despite their rarity. The consumer is more aware then ever about the products and ingredients available in Dublin and more importantly the value. With this in mind our philosophy is to keep our ingredients seasonal and keep our menu broad but focused on core flavours.